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Preparing Animals for Summer

Dr. Paul's Lab Parasites Pinkeye Sea-90 Summer

May is a transition month as we move from the variable weather of Spring to the warm early Summer weather by the end of the month. For the health of our animals going into Summer there are some things to consider. PARASITES: Internal parasites produce more eggs as the spring progresses. Before turnout onto pasture, it is beneficial to control parasite load. I am seeing issues with the commercial wormers such as Ivomec, Eprinex, Cydectin, and Panacur/Safeguard with resistance development. Administering these just before turnout simply seeds the pasture with resistant worm eggs. Using a natural wormer such as Dr...

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Dr Paul’s Lab: Clean Start Pellets - Updates

Animal Health Dr. Paul's Lab

Clean Start Pellets were introduced in 2020 as a natural/organic supportive care product with the intent of aiding the immune system in situations of challenges caused by coccidiosis, internal parasites, and pathogenic gut bacteria. The product contains micofused essential oils, prebiotics, soluble tannins, and molasses. These are all beneficial in enhancing the microbiome, promoting tight cell junctions (reducing “leaky gut” issues), maintaining the beneficial protective mucous layer in the gut, and supporting the entire immune system. Research suggests that 70% of the immune system is based on the gut.             Through use on our own farm and clinical observation in...

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Internal Parasites In Ruminants

Dr. Paul's Lab Parasites Ruminants

As we get to the end of the grazing season, it is a good time to deworm your livestock. If you are looking for natural/organic products to use, consider these great products from Dr. Paul’s Lab: Eliminate Boluses, CGS Remedy, S&G Pills.

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