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Clean Start Pellets were introduced in 2020 as a natural/organic supportive care product with the intent of aiding the immune system in situations of challenges caused by coccidiosis, internal parasites, and pathogenic gut bacteria. The product contains micofused essential oils, prebiotics, soluble tannins, and molasses. These are all beneficial in enhancing the microbiome, promoting tight cell junctions (reducing “leaky gut” issues), maintaining the beneficial protective mucous layer in the gut, and supporting the entire immune system. Research suggests that 70% of the immune system is based on the gut.

            Through use on our own farm and clinical observation in our practice, I have some additional thoughts on uses and dosage recommendations:

  • I have been using a dosage of 8oz per 300lbs of body weight when used as pulse treatments - meaning a 1 dose treatment. Maximum of 2lbs per animal as in adult cows or horses.
  • I have had excellent results with feeder cattle, sheep, and goats by dosing once a month. The animals fill out after dosing and there appears to be a reduction in health issues.
  • We dosed our yearling red Angus cattle before putting them on pasture and they transitioned from hay to grass without the loose manure and reduction in rumen fill/rumen mat density.
  • Lambs and kids nursing dams have been filled out both on pasture and on dry-lot. We have experienced a marked reduction in diarrhea incidence.
  • Starting to incorporate in creep feed at a low level – 2oz per 300lbs body weight as a continuous dose for 2 weeks at a time.
  • In weaned dairy calves that have a farm history of coccidiosis or internal parasites, there has been an improvement by feeding Clean Start at the 8oz/300lb body weight for 5 consecutive days. Ideally this would be done before weaning and repeat in 2 weeks. In severe situations, feeding Dr. Paul’s Aloe Pellets at the same time as Clean Start has shown enhanced response.
  • Because it is a palatable pellet, we have noticed favorable response from horse owners when used in internal parasite challenges. Repeat dose best given in 10-14 days.
  • We have had questions about safety in pregnant animals. I have no concerns of its safety in this situation and have had no reports of issues.
  • Clean Start can be used in swine, but I haven’t had the opportunity to work first-hand with them.

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