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Trace Mineral Nutrition

Animal Health Nutrition

  There is much written about trace minerals in human and animal nutrition.  It can be a confusing topic – I will try to simplify the issue.  Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium are considered macrominerals.  They are required in comparatively larger quantities.  Recommended levels of these are well established.  As the name implies, trace minerals need only be present in small amounts.  They are used as part of enzymes, which serve the vital function of being catalysts to chemical reactions that run the metabolic processes of the body.     The immune system operates at maximum efficiency in the presence of...

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Dr Paul’s Lab: Clean Start Pellets - Updates

Animal Health Dr. Paul's Lab

Clean Start Pellets were introduced in 2020 as a natural/organic supportive care product with the intent of aiding the immune system in situations of challenges caused by coccidiosis, internal parasites, and pathogenic gut bacteria. The product contains micofused essential oils, prebiotics, soluble tannins, and molasses. These are all beneficial in enhancing the microbiome, promoting tight cell junctions (reducing “leaky gut” issues), maintaining the beneficial protective mucous layer in the gut, and supporting the entire immune system. Research suggests that 70% of the immune system is based on the gut.             Through use on our own farm and clinical observation in...

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Holistic Health

Animal Health Holistic

Maintaining health and productivity in animal agriculture is undergoing a major shift. There is a difference between treating disease and restoring health. The old paradigm of just administering the appropriate medicine to treat a disease is being replaced by a multifaceted approach to enhancing an animals inherent vitality. The word "holistic", once only used in the organic world, is becoming the accepted approach. Follow our blog for more helpful animal health tips and insights from Doc Tom!

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