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Trace Mineral Nutrition

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  There is much written about trace minerals in human and animal nutrition.  It can be a confusing topic – I will try to simplify the issue.  Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium are considered macrominerals.  They are required in comparatively larger quantities.  Recommended levels of these are well established.  As the name implies, trace minerals need only be present in small amounts.  They are used as part of enzymes, which serve the vital function of being catalysts to chemical reactions that run the metabolic processes of the body.     The immune system operates at maximum efficiency in the presence of...

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Top 10 Factors of a Healthy Calving Season for Beef Cows

Beef Immunity Nutrition

1. Provide Sufficient Nutrition – A gestating beef cow can utilize some extender feeds such as poor-quality hay or cornstalks, but they also need to have energy to help the rumen utilize these high fiber feeds. Also, protein is needed to maintain the immune system, keep the muscles strong in the cow, and allow for good quality colostrum to be made. The closer to calving, the greater the nutrient demands. 2. Provide Adequate Calcium and Phosphorus – Calcium is needed for good bone structure/strength and muscle strength. Cows low on calcium will have a difficult time calving. You may see...

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