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Nosodes are homeopathy pills with frequencies of vaccines instilled in them. Homeopathy is a centuries old healing modality based on frequencies (energy) on small sugar pills. This energy interacts with the energy system of the body in a beneficial way.

In the case of nosodes, the frequency of a pathogen (bacteria, virus, fungus, parasite) is instilled on the sugar pills. This frequency is passed on to the immune system. With this information, the immune system is able to recognize these pathogens and mount an appropriate response.

Nosodes can be prepared for most any organism. They are prepared by serial 1:100 dilutions until there are no particles of the original substance left. A 30c, as most of our nosodes are, refers to doing this dilution 30 times. Therefore, it is impossible for a nosode to cause illness or negative side effects. They also have the advantage of being used in the face of an ongoing infection.

Administration of nosodes is by the oral route.

  1. The sugar pills can be given directly in the mouth. This is best done by pouring into a 3cc syringe with the end cut off, so that the pills are not handled by the hands.
  2. The pills can also be added to water and mixed or shaken for a minute. Water is an excellent carrier of information into the cells and throughout the body. Use of structured water accentuates the benefits of the nosodes. This water/nosode solution can be:
    • Given as a drench
    • Poured into a tank or pail for animals to drink
    • Added to drinking cups or fountains
    • Used as a respiratory spray


Dosage: These numbers are not absolutes but serve as a guideline. Our nosodes are a #40, which refers to the size of the sugar pills.

  1. Adult animals (cattle, horses) 10-12 pills
  2. Youngstock, calves, sheep goats, pigs 5-6 pills
  3. Lambs, goat kids, piglets 3 pills

A 1oz bottle contains about 330 pills, for use in calculations. For best results, follow with a second dose in 7-10 days after the initial dose. Booster again in 6 months, if needed.


Storage: Under proper conditions, nosodes will remain viable for 8-10 months. They should be kept dry, and the pills not handled by bare hands. Keep out of sunlight and away from magnets and electronics.


Applications: Nosodes can yield very positive results, especially in animals with a strong immune system and high vitality. They are a part of a program based on balanced nutrition, adequate bioavailable trace minerals and forage-based rations.



  • 1oz - $29.50 + shipping
  • 4oz - $100.00 + shipping


Ordering: Nosodes are considered a prescription item. Consultation and ordering must be through a veterinarian. Our contact information is as follows:

  1. Paul Dettloff
    • 608-323-3047 (home)
    • 608-797-0781 (cell)
    • (email)
  2. Doc Tom Roskos
    • 608-797-0550 (home)
    • (email)

Please call one of us with questions, to set up a program, or to order.

Nosodes can be shipped UPS or USPS



  • AV (antiviral)
  • Bacillinum (ringworm)
  • Bovine Wart
  • BRSV (Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus)
  • BVD/Histophilus Somnus
  • Calf Blend
  • Chlamydia
  • CL (Caseous Lymphadenitis)
  • Clostridium (7 way)
  • Clostridium Perfringens C&D/Tetanus
  • coli
  • Foot Rot
  • Bovine Mammalitis Virus (Herpes Zostar)
  • Lepto-6 & Vibrio (contains Hardjo bovis)
  • Mixed Mastitis
  • Pasteurella multocida
  • Husk (Lungworm)
  • Pinkeye Plus (multiple strain Moraxella bovis & M. bovoculi)
  • Rotavirus/Coronavirus
  • Salmonella
  • Sore Mouth (Contagious Ecthyma)
  • Sow/Piglet Scours
  • Staphlococcus aureus
  • Streptococcus
  • 4-Way (IBR, BVD, PI3, BRSV)
  • 10-Way (IBR, BVD, PI3, BRSV, Lepto 6)
  • Mannheimia hemolyticum
  • MAP (Johne’s)


3cc syringe - $0.50 each



Calves (in the first month)

  1. 4-Way
  2. Clostridium CD/Tetanus
  3. Repeat in 10-14 days and at weaning

Pre-breeding Heifers

  1. 10-Way
  2. Clostridium 7-Way
  3. Bovine Mammilitis Virus – if present in herd
  4. Pinkeye Plus – 1 month before fly season
  5. Repeat in 10-14 days

Adult Cows

  1. 10-Way
  2. Clostridium 7-Way
  3. Lepto-Vibrio – if bull breeding
  4. Mixed Mastitis – if SCC high
  5. Repeat Annually



Lambs/Kids (at weaning)

  1. Clostridium CD/Tetanus
  2. CL – if present in flock
  3. Pasteurella – if in confinement
  4. Repeat in 10-14 days


  1. Clostridium CD/Tetanus
  2. CL – if in flock
  3. Sore Mouth – if in flock
  4. 10-Way – if cattle present on premises
  5. Lepto 6/Vibrio – if not giving 10-Way
  6. Salmonella – if history of abortions
  7. Chlamydia – if history of abortions
  8. Repeat in 10-14 days

Adults – same as pre-breeding, as an annual booster.

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