Principles of Organic Treatments

Thanks for taking the time to check out our website. My intent is to tell you about my approach to treating cattle & sheep using organically approved products and procedures. Please be aware that the protocols I use are ones that have been developed over 31 years of large animal practice. They reflect the experiences I’ve had and the products I’ve used.

Organic production of any type strives for a holistic approach. To me, holistic encompasses many facets.

  • Balance – the innate intelligence of all living creatures’ searches for balance. Optimum plant growth comes from balanced soils. Livestock perform at optimum health when their food contains the best balance of nutrients. Humans strive for balance in their lives. Balance implies that all the necessary ingredients are present to allow a balance.
  • Harmony – everything is energy / some is in a dense enough form that it is perceived as matter. Negative energy permeates all it comes in contact with. I have no doubt that the disposition and energy of the farmer has a profound effect on their animals.
  • Bigger Vision – a holistic view transcends time. Decisions are made with concern for the present and the future. Sustainable is a popular word – I believe it is too limiting in a holistic approach. The desire is not to only sustain but to enhance. The wisdom of leaving the farm better than you started with is a worthy goal. Be aware of how your decisions not only affect your farm and your animals, but how they affect your world and environment and the people in it.

How does this all apply to organic treatment of cattle & sheep? The first step is to insure that the animal has the tools available to it to allow natural health & healing. These are mostly delivered in the feeds and pastures that the animals consume. In addition to that there are many natural products, mostly plant based, that can be given to our animals to aid them in their maintaining health & vitality.

Please always check with your certifier to make sure they allow the products you wish to use. Special note – I can’t diagnose or specify treatments for your animals. I offer as an example what I do. Extra label treatments need your veterinarian’s input through a valid veterinarian – patient-client relationship (VPC).