IMPRO - Environ-1 Whey Blend-Doc Tom Roskos

IMPRO - Environ-1 Whey Blend

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  • Size: 4oz
  • Description: This product is designed to provide nutritional support for maintenance of teat end and mammary tissue integrity during milking and is produced from dairy cows exposed to a known environment. This product is most useful in cows with staph or strep mastitis. The whey fraction of milk contains immune modulators which can help maximize the immune system of animals receiving this product. Also useful in organic systems upon approval of your certifier.
  • Directions: Feed orally, 50 cc to dairy cows at calving and as desired during lactation. All contents must be used when opened.
  • Ingredients: Filtered Whey Solubles, Methyl Paraben and Propyl Paraben (Preservative)

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