Dr. Sarah's Essentials - Milking Comfort Teat Dip-Doc Tom Roskos

Dr. Sarah's Essentials - Milking Comfort Teat Dip

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  • Size: 1 Gallon
  • Description: This post teat dip was designed to be a holistic alternative for post milking dips. Not only is it antibacterial and antiseptic to help reduce the chances of mastitis but it will also repel flies which are known to transfer mastitis causing bacteria like Staph aureus. But wait, there’s more! Milking Comfort contains natural oils and extracts which heal and soothe, keeping your cows' teats soft and moisturized, and keeping her comfortable by helping prevent painful drying and cracking.
  • Directions: Use as a post dip after every milking. Can use in a dipper or in a spray bottle.
  • Ingredients: Water, Grape Seed Oil, Calandula Extract, Eucalyptus Lemon Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Clove Essential Oil, Thyme Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Chamomile Extract, Organic Grain Alcohol, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Polysorbate20 (emulsifier)

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